Chocolate is a cheaper therapy if it is dark

It is not a secret that Chocolate is not a name but it is an emotion. Whether we are happy or sad, or sometimes if we feel emotionally drained, Chocolate is the ultimate therapy we need. Consuming chocolate releases happy hormones named endorphins which instantly relax your mind and brain. There is a saying that stress would not be so hard to take if it is dipped in Chocolate

To some extent it is true. There is always a big debate among milk chocolate lovers and dark chocolate lovers. But we can not blame it, most people in the world like milk chocolate. It is because of its rich and smooth texture and taste. The percentage of milk categorise it whether it is milk chocolate or dark chocolate. If the milk content in any chocolate is more than 12%, mixed with cocoa butter and sugar, then it is called milk chocolate.

When chocolate was first discovered around 200 years ago, it was in a form of dark chocolates. It tasted bitter to such an extent that humans couldn't consume it. But it had a distinct taste. For many years, world chocolatiers around the world have been trying different combinations of milk, sugar and cocoa to bring the best of it. After many tried and tested combinations, they came up with mainly 3 types of chocolate. They are milk chocolate, dark chocolate and semisweet chocolate.

But if you consume dark chocolate, then it can do wonders. The best form of dark chocolate comes with only a combination of cocoa and sugar. It may also contain traces of milk but not more than 12%. Now if we talk about the health benefits of dark chocolate, surprisingly, they have many if consumed in moderation. If the cocoa content is more than 70%, they can act as a medicine.

  • They are rich in antioxidants. It improves the quality of your skin which means it acts as an anti-ageing. It helps in reducing wrinkles and dark spots.
  • Dark Chocolate contains flavonoids, which increases memory. It enhances the proper flow of oxygen to the brain.
  • The magnesium content as compared to milk chocolate is more in dark chocolate. Magnesium helps in pain and stress relief.
  • It can be consumed, to control your food cravings. Rather than indulging in milk chocolate, which is full of sugar, it is better to have a small piece of dark chocolate. It controls your hunger spank.
  • Research has proved that dark chocolate is rich in iron as compared to any milk chocolates. And everybody knows that iron helps in the formation of new red blood cells.
  • It contains one form of caffeine, which helps us to stay focused and reduces slugginess.
  • The cocoa butter found in the chocolates, helps in reducing cholesterol, thus improving the heart profile. Cocoa butter is a healthy fat that our body requires.
  • Dark chocolate helps in improving your good gut bacteria. This benefit is unusual and not talked about much. If bad gut bacteria is present in your body, then it can affect the functioning of your brain. So it is very important to have a check on good gut bacteria. Dark chocolate helps in improving and maintaining good gut bacteria.
  • Research has also proved that, by consuming dark chocolate, your blood pressure can be in control. Thus preventing any strokes and cardiovascular disease.
  • Dark chocolate is also very rich in potassium as compared to any milk chocolate.

Dark Chocolate more than 70% can easily be considered as one of the superfoods. Apart from so many health benefits, there are some side effects too. If it is not consumed in moderation.

  • Consuming too much chocolate promotes weight gain.
  • It contains caffeine which can promote sleepless nights and uneasiness.
  • It may worsen blood sugar levels if you are diabetic.
  • Consuming too much chocolate can lead to the decaying of your tooth thus enhancing too many trips to your dentist.

There are a lot of benefits of consuming dark chocolates if you have them in a controlled manner. Rather than going for any cheap quality chocolate with lots of sugar. Indulge in some good quality chocolate dark chocolate. Dark Chocolates are bitter in taste, so they might not tempt your palates, but you can start with a minimum of 60% cocoa content, increasing it eventually. So, treat your heart, brain and body to dark Chocolate and stay healthy.

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