Murgh-Do-Pyaza (Slow Cooked Chicken in Onion Gravy)

Spread the Joy of Cooking... Do Pyaza-  (It has potato as the plate is served for a kid) Today's recipe is from the lanes of old Lucknow. It's Murg-Do-Pyaza(Slow Cooked Chicken in Onion Gravy).  In Lucknow, generally, live chicken is bought, cut, clean, and then prepared in different styles. Though dressed broiler chicken is also a new addition to the poultry business nowadays.  But the old generation still prefers the young country farm chicken. According to them, it is tastier than broiler chicken. And up to some extent, I also agree with the later statement. As a child, I remember, every Sunday, my mother used to cook her regular style chicken gravy, and it tasted divine. The reason was one and only, the live chicken. And it took 2-3 hours to cook unlike the broiler chicken available these days. Ideally, the live chicken should be cooked for at least 4-5 hours after it has been dressed. This helps to kills all the bacteria present in the chicken. For broiler chicken, this

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