Magic of Indian Spices

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Indian cuisine stands out among the other cuisines due to the usage of aromatic Spices. Spices or Masala which is commonly known in India is the soul of Indian cuisine. Without it, Indian cuisine cannot be cooked. There is a large array of spices category which is further divided. Some are grounded and some are used as a whole. 

According to Ayurveda, using spices in your daily cooking helps in boosting your immune system which indirectly supports longevity. Many researchers have proven that if you increase the intake of turmeric powder and cloves in your regular meal, you will stay healthier than anyone who is not taking these recommended spices. But this also true that immunity does not build in one day. If you take these spices on regular basis for a prolonged period, then 

Below, I am listing the most commonly used Indian Masalas used in everyday's kitchen in India.

13 most used Indian Spices:-

1. Cardamom


2. Cloves


3. Cinamon Sticks

download (1).jpg

4. Black Pepper


5. Cumin Seeds

6.Mustard Seeds


7.Coriander Seeds

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8. Fenugreek Seeds

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9. Turmeric


10. Bay Leaves

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11. Nutmeg

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12. Mace

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13. Asefotida


Note:- These images are only for reference. Source:- Google Images

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