Flat chicken noodles in freshly made sesame sauce

Chicken Noodles in Sesame Sauce

Noodles, be it any kind, more or less everyone likes. Apart from Indian cuisine, my second favorite is Chinese. Since childhood, I am always fascinated by Chinese cuisine. So whenever I was asked to which restaurant we should go, rather than any Indian, I always opted for Chinese. My love for Chinese cuisine, especially noodles, was so much, that I remember, my mother used to pack noodles for me in my tiffin during school.

I always wonder, what is that one thing, which differentiates home Chinese from restaurant Chinese. To solve this mystery I started preparing noodles at home. With different techniques, using a different type of utensils and different ingredients. I love to play with different ingredients, so I always try to give a little twist to the regular recipe of noodles.
Today's recipe is the result of my experiment, and surprisingly it turned out to be good. So thought of sharing with everyone.

Chicken Noodles in Sesame Sauce

Preparation Time:- 30 minutes   Cooking Time:- 15 minutes   Total Time:- 45 minutes
Serving:- 2-3 persons

1. Flat noodles:- 180 grams (preferable the thin one)
2. Sesame seeds:- 1/4th cup + for some garnishing
3. Tomatoes:- 3 medium size
4. Fresh Green/Red Chilli:- 2-3 Nos. (if you want to eat spicier, you can add more)
5. Onions:- 1 large, cut into thin slices
6. Green Onions/Scallions:- 1 stem
7. Garlic:- 4-5 cloves
8. Green Bell pepper/Capsicum:- 1/2 (you can use any color which is available if the bell pepper is smaller in the size you can use one whole.)
9. Salt:- As per taste
10. Dark soya sauce:- 1 tablespoon
11. Vinegar:- 1 teaspoon
12. Sesame Oil:- 1 teaspoon
13. Chicken:- 200 grams boneless( cut into thin strips)
14. Oil for cooking
15. Water for boiling noodles + making sauce

1. In a medium saucepan add enough water and salt.Bring it to a boil, add noodles to it and boil the noodles (Boil according to the instructions mentioned in the packet of the noodles). When the noodles are boiled strain it and wash the noodles with the cold water. After washing, apply 1 teaspoon of oil in the boiled noodles, mix well and keep aside.( The purpose of running the noodles under the cold water is that it prevents the noodle to cook further.)

2. In the other small saucepan, add 1 tablespoon of the vegetable oil. When the oil is hot, add the sesame seeds, tomatoes, chilies, and salt. Saute for 30 secs. Add 1/2 cup of water in the saucepan, cover and boil for 2-3 minutes or until the tomatoes are softened.

3. When the tomato mixture comes to room temperature, grind it to make a smooth paste.

4. Now heat a wok add 1-2 tablespoon of oil. When the oil is smoking hot add the chicken strips. Cook the chicken till it is tender. As it is cut into strips it will not take too long to cook. (Do not add salt to the chicken as it will take out all the water from the chicken, make it dry and very chewy.)

5. Add garlic, onions and bell peppers to the wok, saute for 1 minute, Add soya sauce and pepper.

6. Now add the sesame paste to the wok and saute for 10 seconds. Now add the boiled noodles and toss very well. The sauce should coat each string of the noodles. ( The stove should always be in high flame.)

7. Add vinegar to the noodles mix well.Cook for 10 secs more. In the end, add green part of green onions/ scallions, sesame oil, and few sesame seeds, mix well and now switch off the flame.

8.Serve steaming hot.

1.There is no need for adding extra salt while cooking as the sauce already have salt in it. And the soya sauce is also salty. In any case, you take more salt adjust it while making the sauce.)
2. If you know have a wok, you can use a wide open frying pan.

Serving Tip:- After serving it on the plate garnish it with few sesame seeds, green onions and drizzle it with few drops of sesame oil.

Chicken Noodles in Sesame Sauce

Please try my recipe and comment below. Till then happy cooking..!


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