Homemade Baklava

Spread the joy of Cooking..! Coming up yet again with an another mouthwatering recipe. And this time it is a desert. A desert which is my all time favorite and I wanted to share the recipe from long time. It's Turkish Baklava . It's so crunchy, nutty, flaky, syrupy, sticky and gooey that once you start eating you can not stop. These bite sized baklava are made from layers of phyllo sheets, 2 types of nut mixture and sugar syrup. They're so good that it is hard to stop just at one. You urge to have more and more. The one of the best baklava I tried was in Vienna , which we visited during our this summer vacations. With this dessert you can feed a crowd in any get together or party. Just feed this baklava with a scoop of ice cream and you will have a best thing in this world. There is a long aged fight with Turkey and Greek for the origin of this dessert, so till now it is not clear that where it was originated. Some say it was once made in the kitchen of Tu

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